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Koral Martin

Medium - Photography

Koral has her studio located within the gallery. You can see a large variety of her work, including prints, canvas and framed.


Koral Martin Fuchsia Photo
Koral Martin Daylily Medley Photo Koral Martin Crystalized Ice Photo  

Artist Statement


Nature has always drawn me in because of its innate beauty found both in its order and chaos. It is ever changing with unending variety and always surprising. When photographing I strive to capture this beauty that so often has a story to tell in ways that the casual observer may never see. I may spend hours walking a short distance along a stream or valley, looking at everything from the lichen and algae growing on a rotted log, to unique reflections in the water, to the rows of small saplings along the stream, looking for patterns, relationships, interactions that are forever present in the nature around us. With my photography, I draw the observer in so they feel that they are part of the experience and are curious about the story. Infrared photography, macro photography and shooting unique angles are some of the ways I brings life and the story to my images.




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